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Shevarra and Chaterina by PetStudent Shevarra and Chaterina by PetStudent
Chaterina Vosherik (to the right) is *Verdokai's and Shevarra Mantorande (to the left) is mine.

Doodle became lineart became "damnit, this year I will finish stuff more quickly now find watercolour box!". Chaterina behaved throughout, Shev not so much.

(Useless character information: I rarely do Shev without a hat/hood/something these days, but I imagine that if these two were ever to sit for a portrait of any kind, they'd do it in strictly thesmarian fashion - that is, to cover one's hair isn't necessary, married or unmarried. End of useless character information.)

Watercolour and black ink on Fabriano 200gsm 50% cotton, about 17*13 cm. Might later resort to just a tiny tiny bit of white gel pen, but will scan first in case I ruin everything :P
Verdokai Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
Oh yes they would. Sit in a strictly Thesmarian fashion that is. Chaterina is adorably incompetent at anything else anyway!

I find it interesting that they're wearing each other's eye colours - though Shevarra's greens are darker than Chaterina's eyes, and Chaterina's yellow is of course lighter than Shev's eyes. But still.

Also I really like her eyes!
PetStudent Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I didn't notice the eye-colour, but now when you say it! I might even have used the same base for Chaterina's eyes and Shev's dress, come to think of it, but with Chaterina's dress and Shev's eye it's a pure play of light - it's only ochre in the dress and sepia+burnt siena in Shev's eyes.
Verdokai Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012
Well yes Chaterina's dress is more close to Shev's hair than her eyes, but brown is just dark orange anyway so >_>
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